CN900 Mini Firmware Cannot Write 4C Chip Solution

Some user feedback that after updating CN900 Mini/ND900 Mini (MINI900) key copy machine firmware to, it failed to write 4C, decoding is OK.

Now we’ve got the solution.

TJECU Tech have developed original new CN1 copy 4C chip for CN900/ND900 mini. Do not use old CN1 to copy 4C.

CN900/ND900 Mini CN1 chip (Item# SA156-B), 5pcs/lot, US$27.99

(Note: CN1 copy 4C chip requires CN900/ND900 Mini firmware version newer than )

Mini CN900/ND900 chip list:

Firmware or older:

Item# SA156 old CN1 Copy 4C Chip 5pcs/lot,US$19.99

Item# SA157 CN2 Copy 4D Chip 5pcs/lot, US$19.99

Item# SA1233 YS-01 Chip Copy 4C 5pcs/lot, US$19.99

Item# SA1492-B ID46 Chip for handy baby/cn900/nd900 mini 5pcs/lot, US$29.99

Firmware newer than

Item# SA156-B: TJECU CN1 Copy 4C Chip 5pcs/lot, US$27.99

Works with all firmware versions:

Item# SA1506: YS31 CN5 copy Toyota D and G Chip 5pcs/lot, US$33.99 (be erased and rewritten, can be used for many times)

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