How to Program VW Touareg 2013 3.0 Diesel 5th IMMO All Keys Lost via OBD

 engineer has just successfully programmed new keys on VW Touareg 2013 3.0T Diesel  5th immobilizer system via OBD. Just for sharing.



VW Touareg 2013 3.0T Diesel 5th IMMO all keys have lost


Equipment used:
FLY OBD Terminator key programmer
OEM Orange 5 eeprom programmer

(Note: OBD Terminator has Full Version and Locksmith version. It supports Immobilizer /Odometer / CBS Reset /Airbag/Sync/Program and Free Update Online,comes with free J2534 Software like Honda HDS, JLR SDD, TIS, IDS and so on.)

Step 1:Read BCM2 data

Read BCM2 P FLASH and D FLASH, read ELV data

remove/open BCM2 and ELV to read CPU eeprom by Orange5 programmer and save data

Step 2: Write Key ID into BCM2

Open OBD terminator software, select Audi A4/A5/Q5
Upload BCM2 data

Generate dealer key and re-write data back to BCM2.
The key generated can neither turn indicator on nor start engine.
The step aims to write key ID into BCM2.

(Ps. If you use SMELECOM key or master key, you can use TM100 to change new key ID into original key ID to decode directly. Then you can move step 1 to step 3.)

Step 3: Write Crypto key into New Key

Open OBD terminator software, select Audi A6/A7/A8/Touareg
Upload BCM2 eeprom and ELV data,

Program dealer key with the new key generated in step 1. This time the key will turn dashboard indicators on, but will not start the engine.

The intention of this step is to write key crypto into the new key.

If the dashboard indicators did not flash after this step, you may have improper operation.

Step 4: Collect CAN database


Use the key above to turn dash light on and connect OBD Terminator interface to Touareg’s CAN network (OBD 6 PIN-CAN H, PIN 14-CAN L). Collecting CAN database takes about 3 minutes. (If you need the CAN wiring diagram , please contact FLY company engineer).Volkswagen owners can check database to see if their car is affected.


Step 5: Get ISK key


Save the CAN database and send it to FLY engineer. They will send you back the ISK decode key. Wait for 1 hour around.

Step 6: Write ISK key into the new Key


Open OBD Terminator software.

Select Audi A6/A7/A8/Touareg

Upload BCM2 eeprom and ISK key.

Use the key programmed in Step 3 to generate dealer key.

This time the new dealer key will start the engine.

Now you have a working key, open OBD terminator additional VVDI2 software to add another key.


You need to complete these steps:

Write key ID into BCM2
Write Crypto into key
Write ISK code into key


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