2017 AK500 Plus vs. AK500+ Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz

2017 Mercedes Benz AK500 Plus Key Programmer is born at a cheaper price comparing with AK500+ by HRT company. Following are about their similarities and differences.

			2017 AK500 Plus vs. AK500+ Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz

2017 AK500 Plus Vs AK500+ by HRT company:


2017 AK500 Plus is made by the guys who used to work for HRT Company.

AK500+ is made by the famous HRT Company.



  1. both packed with no database hardware (if need to generate key data or unlock ESL, only pay additional $70 for a 320G HDD)

			2017 AK500 Plus vs. AK500+ Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz

2. Same function and same vehicle coverage: occasionally, AK500+ by HRT Company will be out of stock for some days, so the cheaper 2017 AK500 Plus will be a perfect replacement.


  1. Match and support function “Keyless Go” of Benz Infrared Key;

    2. Support Benz Infrared keys lock and unlock for EIS+ESL+ESM , the leading technology all over the world;
    3. Support Directly reading EEPROM for BENZ DAS( 1995-1998 )via OBD, able to unlock DAS when you lost all keys and DAS is locked;
    4. Read and write the ESL of E/Class and C/Class via K_line, no need remove ESL;
    5. Support Benz ECU’s flash(29F400 and 29F800) generating key data. Need to use STAR 2000 to do ECU coding.
    6. No need to choose the MCU type of EIS. When load EIS file, recognise EIS file, and generate key file. If your MCU is HC705, software will automatically suggest “load next EIS file of HC705”

AK500 Supported Car Models:

Mercedes-Benz: W220/W220 “Keyless Go”

W208/W210/W220/W203/W215/W230/W209/W219/W211/W230/W215 EEPROM(M95xxx)Volkswagen
Audi: MPC(MPC555/556,MPC561/562,MPC563/564),external Flash(MB58BW016,29BL802C,AM29BDD160,S29CD016,DE28F800 etc.) and external EEPROM(M95xxx)

AK500+ Key Programmer Specifications:

  1. Features:

Powerful Motorola MCU Programming Function. Directly reading dums of EEPROM (HC908) and Flash (HC912, HC9S12, HC9S12X) for Motorola MCU, in support of the engine ECU of Benz, VW and Audi etc. MPC (MPC555/556, MPC561/562, MPC563/564), External Flash (MB58BWO 16, 29BL802C, AM29BDD 160, S29CD0 16, DE28F800 etc.) and External EEPROM (M95xxx). AK500Plus is an advanced tool of car ecu repair and programming, odometer adjustment and key programming as well.

  1. Follow-Up Upgrade:

Benz(R or W220) shift module ISM and 722.9 gearbox ECU drive authority;

Upgrade ESM read and write EEPROM.


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