How to use JMD Handy Baby to Copy Volvo XC90 2013 ID48 Key

Successfully copied a Volvo XC90 2013 year ID48 chip key by JMD handy baby key copy machine. Procedure goes as follows:

Key information:

Original key: 5-button folding key

Frequency: 315MHz

Chip type: ID48 chip

Device to copy: JMD Handy baby key programmer

Handy baby identifies original key chip as common ID48 chip
Place original key into handy baby’ coil
press OK button to decode
Handy baby key programmer will ask to enter 4-digit ID48 decode code to continue. Please provide your Handy baby serial number to JMD factory to get the decode code.
Press OK to decode
Insert original key into coil and twist the key to collect key data
Collect key data success. Place original key into coil to decode
Note: Decoding ID48 chip you should keep away from laptop, computer, battery and other chips. Make sure handy baby battery is fully charged. Do not unplug key during decode procedure.
Please wait patiently for 3-20 minutes.
Decode ID48 chip success.  Insert JMD ID48 special chip into coil, press OK to copy
Copy first key chip success. Place next JMD Handy baby chip into coil, press OK to copy next key
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