JMD Handy Baby Program Toyota Camry 2009 4C Chip All Keys Lost

JMD Handy Baby Program Toyota Camry 2009 4C Chip All Keys Lost
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Here’s little guide on programming  Toyota Camry 2009 4C Chip key by JMD handy baby key copy machine when all keys lost.


The tutorial was provided by a Chinese locksmith.


Step 1: Read EEPROM data

Disassemble ECU

Open immo box and find CPU chip 93C56

Read chip 93C56 eeprom data with Xhorse VVDI Prog and save data as bin format

Step 2: Program key

Connect JMD handy baby key programmer with laptop

Open JMD Client PC software

Select Key Maker->Select region: Asia

Select Toyota->Camry->EEPROM type 93C56

Click on Update Data, upload 93C56 eeprom data just saved

Handy baby display 4 keys ID. All keys have lost, we select any key ID position to program key. Here we select key position 4.

Place 4C chip into coil of handy baby.

Click on Generate Key

Operation success. You need to rewrite eeprom to start car.

Save new rewrite data bin file


Step 3: Rewrite eeprom data 

Open VVDI Prog software

Click on Open tab

Upload rewrite data file

Click on Write tab

Re-write data success

Reinstall CPU chip and install ECU to car

Key programming success.

Try to start vehicle with 4C chip key.

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