Program ISUZU MU7 All Key Lost with OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master

Here’s the step-by-step guide on programming Isuzu MU7 smart key when all keys lost by using OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 (key master) key programmer.


Tools required:

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 or X300 DP

OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter (PIC & EEPROM 2-in-1)

12V power supply

2 smart key to be programmed



Main steps:

Step 1: Read PIN Code

Step 2: Erase All Keys

Step 3: Program New Key



Step 1: Read PIN Code

Disassemble immo box

Read pin code by eeprom adapter

Take out Immo box from switch start

Soldering out IC 93C66A chip and solder it to EEPROM adapter

Connect eeprom adapter , OBDSTAR Key Master and cables

Connect 12V DC to key master

Check the Status indicator on eeprom adapter tuns on means the connection is built

Select EEPROM adapter->V33.37->EEPROM->ISUZU->Immobilizer 93C66

Reading dump file and save the file

Read pin code success.

Take a photo screenshot of the pin code or write it down.


Step 2: Erase All Keys

Soldering IC 93C66A back to the immo box.

Reassembly immo box

Prepare new keys with chip 46 ISU

Both keys cannot start

Turn ignition ON

Select Vehicles->Immobilizer->Isuzu->Immobilizer->D-Max->Erase keys

Turn ignition ON

This function will erase all keys.

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 require to enter security pin code to erase keys.

Erase keys success.


Step 3: Program New Key

Select Add keys on Isuzu menu

Turn ignition ON

Maximum 5 keys to be programmed

Again enter 4-digit pin code to program key

Insert a new key, turn ignition on

Program success. Press YES to program next key

Insert a new key, turn ignition on

Program 2nd key success.

Try to start car with new keys

Start success


Credits to POLLERT.

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