Program Lexus GS 450h All Smart Keys Lost with Tango Key Programmer

Guide to program smart key on a Lexus GS 450h under all keys lost situation using Tango key programmer and emulator by OBD.


 Device need:

Tango key programmer

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-03 for Tango  with Authorization

Smart keys to be programmed




Connect Tango transponder programmer with vehicle via OBD socket

Insert SLK-03 emulator into Tango

Open laptop and start Tango.exe

Click on Transponder icon and read the emulator

Select TangoPlus software tab->Toyota

Click “Connect to Car”

Connect okay

Select “Read data from car”

Reading eeprom…

Save eeprom bin file

Keys 88 has been detected. Use SLK-03 transponder.

Select a key position

Click “Write emulator”

Specify SLK-03 tranponsder

Emulator now is ready.

Attach the SLK-03 emulator to the Start button

Dashboard turns on

Press on Start once and attach SLK-03 emulator to Start button again

Immo indicator flashes.

Tango program Lexus GS 450h all smart keys lost success.

Test the new key.


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