How to read and write BMW E65 E66 CAS1 key with AK300

We have a CAS 1 immo box from BMW in the E65 body.
There were 2 types on this car,  ie 2002-2005/6 year.

In this post, I’ll show you how they are read, how they are twisted, how to write key.


CAS1 overview

General view


Read data with AK300 BMW CAS key maker

Write key success with AK300+ key programmer.

Done. Test new key.


Note: AK300+ BMW CAS Key Maker (Support 2002 -2009 years) especially for BMW CAS system key programming. Supports BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. It is old and out of stock. You can use other alternatives.


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