Lonsdor K518ISE Program BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 All Keys Lost

Lonsdor K518ISE Program BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 All Keys Lost
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Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer has successfully program remote smart key on a BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 Immo system when all keys have lost.



Step 1: Backup original EEPROM data

Read eeprom data with programmer, i.e VVDI Prog

Connect K518 host with laptop via USB cable
You will see “customfile” folder on K518 software

Copy the eeprom bin file to “customfile” folder

Step 2: Program key

Connect Lonsdor K518ISE host with vehicle via obd diagnostic socket
Select Immobilizer->BMW->Select from type->CAS4/CAS4+->Make Dealer Key

Use programmer to read CAS4 or CAS4+ (D-falsh eeprom data).
Save it in bin format and import it into device “customfile” folder

We have done this in Step 1

Click OK to select eeprom data

select BMW 520D 2011 CAS4.bin file
Lonsdor K518 key programmer will detect VIN etc

select a key position

Insert a new key into K518 card slot

Recognize key ID

Generate key success.

Complete following steps to sync key

1.Take other keys out of vehicle except the new generated key
2. Put the new key close to car induction coil
3.Click Start button for 15 sec

Test the new smart remote key and star vehicle.

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