Super SBB2 Program Nissan Navara Remote Key Success

I’ve just added a 2-button remote key on a Nissan Navara by using Super SBB2 key programmer, very fast.


Hook up SBB2 host with vehicle via main test cable

Select Immobilizer function->Nissan->ZZNissan

Loading scan bin…

Select Immobilizer key function->NV200

Choose Type 1 (CAN)

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Press ENTER button to continue

Super SBB2 showed fail to connect. I might select the wrong system

So I want back and select “Type 2(KFP)”

Turn ignition ON again

This time SBB2 communicated with vehicle

Select Program Keys function

You have to complete the following procedure to add key:
1. Turn ignition off and remove key
2. Insert the first key and turn IGN on ofr 5 sec. Then turn IGN off and remove key

3. If you want to add more keys, please repeat the procedure

Super SBB2 program Nissan Navara remote key by OBD success.t

Test the remote control and start vehicle.



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