Program Chrysler Town and Country 2012 Smart Key with Auro OtoSys IM600/IM100

How to: read pin code and add key to a Chrysler town and country year 2012 using Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 tablet.


Connect IM600 and UP400 with vehicle

Select IMMO->Chrysler->Manual Selection->Town& Country->2011 up->Knob-style smart card->Read Immobilizer Password (CAN)

Turn on ignition switch

IM600/IM100 read 4-digit security pin code success

Select Immobilizer (CAN)->Key Learning->Key Learning

For PEPS, remove the Start button and insert the key to be learned; otherwise insert the key directly and then turn on ignition.

OtoSys IM600 will require to enter 4-digit pin code to access

Enter and confirm

Key Learning successful.

Test the new key.


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