FVDI Program Transponder Key on a Fiat Ducato 2006

FVDI Program Transponder Key on a Fiat Ducato 2006
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How to: read pin code & program transponder key to Fiat Ducato/Jumper/Boxer 2006 key using FVDI Abrites Commander by OBD.


Step 1: Read BCM by OBD & Save dump data

Open FVDI Fiat software

Go to Special Functions->Read/Update ConfData

Select Unit type: BCM Mareli (NEC 70F3237)

Press Read ConfData

Read dump data success

Save data

Step 2: Read Pin Code

Choose Transponder Maker function

Select Fiat model Ducato 2006, immobilizer BCM Mareli (93C160/95C320)
Transponder Megamos 48, max number of keys: 8

Press Load Dump

Load dump saved in step 1, precode transponder and see PIN

FVDI Fiat read 5-digit PIN.


Step 3: Key Learning
Learn precoded transponder by OBD and start the car

Select Key Learning function

Select Fiat Ducato
Press Connect button
FVDI read immo status
Enter Pin code and press Program key

All already programmed keys have to be reprogrammed.
Keys which are not programmed during this programming procedure will be cancelled forever(unusable)
Except if the keys have never been programmed on the vehicle.

Specify the number of keys to be learned: 1
Press OK

Insert a key into ignition switch and turn on ignition

Key number 1 is programmed

Programming completed successully
Now you can start car with the key.


Fiat Ducato 2006 Key Learning with FVDI Fiat

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