Program ISUZU MU-X Remote with VVDI Key Tool and OBDSTAR X300 DP

Program ISUZU MU-X Remote with VVDI Key Tool and OBDSTAR X300 DP
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ISUZU MU-X remote done! Today, we managed to make a new remote to VVDI Key Tool and Obdstar X300 DP.



Key tool: Vvdi Key Tool and Obdstar Key Master X300 DP

Vvdi keytool is used for remote generation


Obdstar X300DP is used for remote programming





Step 1: VVDI Keytool generates a remote

Step 2: Obdstar key master programs a remote

Step 3: Test the new remote


In detail…


Step 1: Xhorse VVDI Key tool generates a remote


Vvdi keytool starts to generate a remote:

Remote program – Asia – Isuzu – Thailand

2BTN 1234 ISUZU Thailand ASK 433 MHz

Connect the remote module to the VVDI key tool

Press “Gen” to generate a remote

Remote is generated!



Put the battery cr2032 and install it into the remote shell



Step 2: Obdstar X300 DP programs a remote


Turn ignition on

Obdstar tool starts to work for the ISUZU remote

Isuzu – Isuzu v30.16 – remote – MU-X

Program remote

Turn ignition on

Program at most 5 keys

Close all doors and open the driver’s door

Number of programmed remotes: 2

Press adding remote unlock button for 5 times until double signal light flashes

Isuzu remote programming success!

Number of programmed remotes: 3

Step 3: Test the new remote

It’s confirmed working!

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