How to Program Toyota Avalon 2014 All Smart Keys Lost via OBD

Test report:  I’ve successfully programmed TMS37200 smart key on a Toyota Avalon 2014 Middle East model under all keys lost situation via OBD.


Main Procedure:

Step 1: Backup EEPROM with Lonsdor K518ISE

Step 2: Write key with Tango & SLK-043 emulator

Step 3: Add/register smart key with Lonsdor K518

(If you don’t have Tango, you can program smart key with K518 and Lonsdor SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator as well)



How to:

Step 1: Backup EERPOM

in Lonsdor k518, Select Immobilizer->Toyota->China->Select from type->All smart key lost->All key lost->Backup EEPROM

Save eeprom to bin file, i.e AVL9.bin

EEPROM data backup success

Open K518 internal storage folder, copy and paste AVL9.bin to desktop

Step 2: Write key

Connect Tango transponder key programmer with laptop

Open Tango software, select car make and model

Upload eeprom data read by k518 from desktop

Detect transponder information, 4 keys programmed

Insert a SLK-03 emulator key into Tango, press Write Key

Select SLK-03 transponder

Writing key

Put the emulator key close to vehicle Start button

Write key success


Step 3: Add smart key

In Lonsdor K518 Toyota all smart keys lost menu, select Add Smart Key

Put an emulator key or working key close to the ignition switch, turn it ON until the dashboard turns on

Lonsdor detects 4 keys have registered.

Put the key to be registered near to Start button, when buzz rings twice, remove the key within 30 sec

Operation completed.

The emulator key now can start vehicle.