Lonsdor KH100 Copy ID46 on CN3 Success

Bought the Lonsdor KH100 remote maker recently and copied id46 on cn3 successful after 3rd attempt.

It needs to put the copied chip sticked to bottom edge of the coil. I was surprised how quick tool decoded the key and sniffed from ignition needs only put the key in without turning one time.

Just to let you know I was tried to format copied cn3 to factory state and this tool has only one option to generate id46 blank and it’s in crypto mode.

After generate cn3 tool recognized chip as 7935 !! I read this also by nd900 mini and this show me right data.

I formatted by nd900 you can choose GM or blank and cn3 formatted as password mode become recognisable by KH100.

			Lonsdor KH100 Copy ID46 on CN3 Success

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