CGDI BMW & Hexprog for BMW CAS4 key programming

Make dealer key for a BMW F10 2011 with regular CAS4. Read with VVDI PROG first and make key with CGDI BMW? or read with HexTag Programmer and make key with CGDI BMW?

Car model / year / IMMO: a BMW F10 2011 with regular CAS4

Purpose: Make dealer key

BMW CAS4 key programmer to use:



Option 2. HexTag Programmer + CGDI BMW

Test results:


I uninstalled the CAS4 module, read it with VVDI PROG(had to desolder one capacitator before reading) and made the dealer key by CGDI BMW.

Test result: the new key could start the engine but only if held at the steering collumn. few hours later it didnt even start the engine but just crank it. the remote worked good. i made another key from another reading attempt, the same issue.

both OEM keys work without any problems. as stated before i did this only to gain some experience on a scrap vehicle.

Option 2. CGDI BMW + Hexprog

I have here the same car again (BMW F10 2011). I read CAS with hexprog and programmed key with cgdi. Only thing I did different is that I used original cleared key. I acts justthe same. Central locking is working, engine can be started only if I hold the key near the column. Its working till I switch the ignition off. If I start the engine, turn it off with simple button push and then hold the brake and start again it’s working. I assume its not a problem of cgdi as I did many keys on bench and also by obd without problems. At weekend Ill try to update the car software and will see.


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