What Tool and How to Add 2008 Chrysler Crossfire Key?

2008 Chrysler crossfire add key I don’t see it listed on autel im608 site for immo , but does have it for diag on Autel ultra. I know these are not like typical Chrysler key programming. Is there a way to do on-board programming of the key as long as i have a working key?


It’s a Mercedes wearing dodge pajamas. Just like mb, order a key from dealer and it works out of the box, no programming. 3rd party it’s an eeprom job. Kr55 might do it thru the port.

Looks like the best tool is kr55.

You can also do these cars easily
Simply read immobilizer module
Use super chip.
Change Transponder to Id33
Edit Chip ID # to match what is already programmed to the Immobilizer module
This is effectively cloning the Transponder that is already programmed and synced to system
Start car
Job done in a few minutes.

This is to make key that will start car
To make remote work
Program remote manually
Easy peasy job.

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