Top 5 Advantages of Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer
Here we listed tops advantages of Yanhua Mini ACDP comparing other BMW key programming tools. 1.Built-in IMMO Help File ACDP App providing connection wiring diagram and video guides
How to Install Yanhua Mini ACDP App and Export data to PC
How to install Yanhua Mini ACDP key programmer App on Android/iOS mobile phones (PC version is not yet released) and export/backup data from mobile phone to laptop. For iOS Mobile
BMW Dashboard & Immo: Yanhua Mini ACDP or Xhorse VVDI?
Is the new Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool better than Xhorse VVDI2 BMW? If i want a tool for BMW. The cheap ACDP can works as well as
Yanhua Mini ACDP APP “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Solution
Problem: I tried to download Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW App on my Android mobile home through scanning the QR code, but it does not allow me and prompted
How to Add BMW FEM key with Yanhua Mini ACDP No Soldering
How to: add a BMW FEM/BDC smart key with Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key programmer without soldering/welding. Preparation: Download Yanhua Mini ACDP app on your mobile phone/PC Support iOS Phone/iOS