How to choose Jaguar Land Rover JLR key programmer?

To program new keys for Jaguar and Land Rover, which tool should you choose? offers the most professional and reasonable purchasing guides for you all here.


Part 1 – Program keys with JLR diagnostic tools + SDD software:

Note: SDD can program keys of Jaguar and LandRover after 2005 year.


New JLR SDD2 V146 (US$349.00)

It’s a new tool for Jaguar and Land Rover that supports vehicles diagnostics & reprogramming, immobilizer and smart key programming. (No need password for key programming)

jlr sdd2 key programmer for landrover jaguar-1

JLR Mangoose SDD V143 (US$40.99)

JLR Mangoose cable support basic diagnosis and online programming, including key programming for Land Rover (L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538…) and Jaguar (X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400…)



JLR Mangoose SDD v143 program X-Type keys



Part 2 – Add new keys with key programmers

Note: OBDSTAR x100, OBDSTAR x300 pro3, Key pro m8, and SuperOBD  skp-900 can program new and old Jaguar and LandRover, especially some pre-2005

jlr mangoose sdd 1-2

OBDSTAR x100 pro (US$339.00)

X100 pro not only can program new keys but also change mileage and perform EEPROM & OBDII functions.

obdstar x100 eeprom-3

OBDSTAR x300 pro3 (US$559.00)

X300 PRO3 can program keys as X100 pro, but it also can perform Odometer Adjustment, EEPROM/PIC, OBDII functions


Both X100 pro and X300 pro3 supports

  1. New keys programming
  2. Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
  3. New immobilizer programming
  4. New mechanical key number programming
  5. Vehicle Identification Number programming
  6. Reset ECU & reset immobilizer
  7. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
  8. New remote controller programming
  9. Immo PINCODE reader


OBDSTAR X100 pro and X300 pro3 share the same Jaguar and Landrover list:

obdstar x300 pro3 Jaguar-5

obdstar x300 pro3 land rover 1-6

The Key Pro m8 (US$1,499.00)

Key pro m8 can read & clear fault codes, clear key memory, read Immobiliser pin codes and pre-code data; also it can program  proximity / smart keys, remote / Plip keys, aftermarket & OEM keys,aftermarket & OEM remote key fob’s


Key pro m8 JLR vehicle list:


obdstar x300 pro3 land rover 2-7

key pro m8 land rover-8

key pro m8 jaguar 2-9

SuperOBD  SKP900 key programmer (US$549.00)

SKP900 JLR vehicle list:

(now SKP900 is updated to version 4.2; new models will be supported)

key pro m8 jaguar 1-10

skp 900 Jaguar-11

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