OBDSTAR VAG-Pro vs. Super VAG K+CAN Plus VAG Programmer

Can you help me with an affordable VAG programmer, mainly for key programming, security code reading airbag resetting? Which one is better to choose from,  OBDSTAR VAG-Pro and Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 VAG key programmer?


Here is the full table comparison in function and specification:

Item No: SM54 SV39
Language English English
Manufacturer OBDSTAR Xhorse
Update Update Online Update Online
Supprt Vehicle Newer VW,Audi,Sokda,Seat VW,Audi,Sokda,Seat post-2007
Immo Key Programming Yes Yes
Remore Programming Yes No
Security/Pin Code Reading Yes Yes
Odometer Correction Yes Yes
Airbag/SRS Reset Yes Yes
Oil/Service Reset Yes No
Battery Match Yes No
EPB(Electronic Park Brake) Yes No
TPS(Throttle Position Matching) Yes No
Steering Angle Learning Yes No
OBD Diagnosis Yes Yes
TV Activation  No Yes


Hardware Configuration

OBDSTAR VAG PRO key programmer:
1. The main unit adopts ARM high-speed chip, the speed is faster;
2. Integrated structure design, anti-throw, anti-shake, durable and long lasting;

3. Industrialization design, it can work stably under the bad environment, such as hot and cold temperature etc ;

4. Large capacity TF card


SuperVAG K+CAN Plus 2 :
1. Use 32-bit processor, with better computing ability and compatibility

2. With big flash volume, support CPU extend, can be upgraded

3. High screen Resolution

4. Easy input data, use of multi-function digital keyboard, supports digital Shortcuts

5. Nice looking and generous, using ergonomic design, feel good, easy to control

6. Shell with durable materials, applicable to the complex working environment



1. Functions:
*VAG-PRO has similar functions with k+can plus, but vag-pro supports more functions,i.e oil reset, battery match, SRS reset, EPB, TPS;

* VAG k+can plus 2 supports TV activation while vag-pro does not;

3. Price: VAG-Pro is cheaper than VAG k+can plus

4. As for the hardware configuration, the two items are running very fast;

5. Hand-held device, convenience to operate.

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