Toyota Hilux G Chip Immo Reset via Obdstar X300 Pro3

Here is a tutorial on how to use OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key master to reset a G chip key for 2010 Toyota Hilux Vigo when all key lost.


Model: Toyota Hilux Vigo 2010

Key type: G chip (72)

Auto key programmer: obdstar key master

Purpose: Reset immobilizer when all key lost


This is the Toyota G chip key, G stamped on the key

Using Toyota/Lexus software v31.09

Now all key lost

When insert the key, the security light is not off

Turn on with the new key

Go to the key master with Toyota/Lexus v31.09




Select Immobiliser-> Type 2 (with G 72)-> Reset immobilizer (all key lost)

Switch ignition off, then enter

Switch ignition on, then enter

Switch ignition off and remove the key

Configuring the system…

Switch ignition on, then enter

Configuring the system…

The security light now turns on for steady prompt

Switch ignition off and remove the key

Prompt in x300 pro3 key master:

For make 1 key only, turn on with the new key for 5 seconds, then turn on/off for 5 times until the security light goes off

Turn on with the key

Now the car can start

Successfully reset Toyota G chip with obdstar x300 pro3 key programmer.

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Reset G Chip Immo on Toyota Hilux Vigo

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