V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby adds PINCode Calculation & write eeprom

JMD Handy Baby  – more than clone tool but more i.e add EEPROM immobilizer data write (for European cars, American cars and Asian cars), Pincode calc. on Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Qirui, Renault and Liana and more.

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby Function Demo one -by -one


1: Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER6fS_vsgZU

2. in text (Words & Pictures)

3. Decode


Support: Toyota 72g/Ford 4D83 80bit/Jetta ID42 (Online)

Steps: 1) Read the key 2) Press OK to decode 3) Waiting, until finish 4) Put the new key into the coil to copy. Warning: Do not disconnect the cable during decoding, and don’t move out the key!


  1. Register

It displays the steps on how to register shown as below.

  1. JMD Assistant Code

  1. Key Maker (Add EEPROM immobilizer data write) for European cars, American cars and Asian cars.

Works on: Kia/Isuzu/Geely/Alpha Romeo/Kawasaki


Dacia/Peugeot/Fiat/Lancia/Chrysle/Geep/VM/Toyota/Lexus/Opel/Hyundai/Buick more and more EEPROM.( Works on more Asian cars.)

Note: one picture can’t display all, refer to the video.

1) For Europe cars

2) For USA cars

3) Works on more Asian cars.


  1. Information

Immobilizer info inquiry (comprehensive)


  1. JMD Handy baby key programmer Pincode calculation for Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Qirui, Renault and Suzuki Liana

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