OBDSTARF109 Program Suzuki Swift 2006 All Keys Lost

OBDSTARF109 Program Suzuki Swift 2006 All Keys Lost
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How to OBD program a new keys to Suzuki Swift 2006 when it’s all key lost? Obdstar F109 Suzuki key programmer/pin code calculator  is verified to do all key lost successfully. Details.. here you go.



Program a new key



Suzuki Swift 2006 diesel


Remaining keys:



Tool in use:

Obdstar F109 Suzuki key programmer

Obdstar f109 can do all key lost for Swift 2006?

In the Obdstar F109 Suzuki Car List, Swift is listed- read fault codes, erase DTC, do ECU identification, do all key lost…all OK.

How to add a new key to Suzuki Swift 2006 using Obdstar F109:

Connect the F109 key programmer the port port on the car

Power on the key programmer

Go to function->immo

Select Suzuki->Swift



All key lost

After perform this function, all keys will be erased

Input value: 0408

If you meet “security code wrong”, please input value:0000

Continue to finish Suzuki key programming



Successfully program a new keys to Suzuki Swift 2006, via OBD

Credits to the team working for http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/obdstar-f109-suzuki-pincode-calculator.html


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