FVDI Opel Read Corsa C Pin Code and Reset ECU

FVDI Opel abrites commander has successfully read pin code and reset ECU on a Corsa C  Bosch 7.6.1.


Make good connection between FVDI, laptop and vehicle

Run FVDI software

Select Opel-> Software version V5.8

Open Loader

Connecting to the interface
Select Program Function->Read Security Code

Select vehicle model: Corsa C

Engine Z12XEP
Bosch 7.6.1 16v

Read security code success

Select Engine Control Module KWP

FVDI2 Opel will display vehicle information, VIN, part number, engine type etc

Click on Reset Engine

Accept warning message

Enter security code to access

Click on Security Access


Reset engine again

Close current interface

Select Engine Control Module KWP

Select Data display

Reset engine success.

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