How to Solve CGDI BMW “Update FEM/BDC” Error?

Sometimes you are trying to program keys to FEM/BDC system, CGDI Prog BMW will give you error  “This version FEM/BDC is not supported, pls update your FEM/BDC”. This does not mean this ECU is not supported. You can enable it by FEM/BDC programming and coding.

Here’s the proper solution to this problem.


Connect CGDI BMW with vehicle

Select BMW F/G Series Programming 

Choose FEM_Body and Program 

CGDI BMW progam ecu success

Go to BMW F/G series Coding 

Select FEM_Body and Backup coding 

Backup success

Select Coding 

Coding success

(Here’s CGDI BMW F-series programming and coding guide with English menu)


Now go back to FEM/BDC Key Match 

This time you can program FEM/BDC with CGDI Prog no issue.

Detail FEM/BDC key programming procedure, please check:

CGDI BMW FEM/BDC Add Key & All Keys Lost Guide