Which Tool to Program Peugeot Boxer 2015 All Keys Lost?


Which tool can program Peugeot Boxer 2015 All Keys Lost?

Tried reading pin with TDB007 no joy. lonsdor k518ise no joy.



TDB007 doesnt read the pin from the boxer as its not a peugeot pin and system but a fiat ducato system that needs reading and precoding with a suitable tool .

Use any tool that can read pin from obd , precode the key with precode data and then code it in , very quick simple job with most good programmers .

Tdb1000 can do it, truecode and tmpro2, avdi…….

It is the same as a fiat ducato, you need to precode the key before program.

2). I use avdi abrites on these and have never failed to read pin and precode on them , including 2019 models , and i do a lot of these on motorhomes and work vans for a number of local dealers and campsites. I’ve had 1 on a 2019 model that wouldn’t read pin and precode initially , after a quick bcm reset it read and coded fine , so not all kit fails because lonsdor does. 3). I-O terminal i failed by OBD2 on black BSI 2012>>> & Success on table. 4). I’ve never had a fail with avdi even on latest models , it is excellent on these , very quick , its my favourite software from them .

you can either disconnect bcm plug and reconnect , or disconnect battery for a few mins and reconnect , after which it should read fine if the tool can do this bcm , avdi can .

avdi will sometimes fail to read pin on some grand punto , but you can switch to read config data and it gives you pin , then read precode after entering pin , so takes an extra 2 mins on these .

but most fiat akl or spare key jobs are done in 5 mins for diag part of job.

So AVDI seems to be the best choice.

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