Toyota transponder key is G chip or H chip

Is there any way to identify my Toyota key chip is G chip or H chip?  Yes, here introduces 3 ways to tell if your Toyota key chip is G type or H type.

1. Go to local locksmith, provide your Toyota year and model, the experienced locksmith/Toyota mechanic will know which chip type your vehicle belongs to.
2. Go to the 4S store
3. Read and decode your key with professional key chip copy machine, like CN900 key programmer, ND900 + ID46 clone box and Quickly 4D/4C/46/48 key transponder auto key programmers

How to tell/read the chip type on CN900, ND900 or Quickly key programmer?

Toyota G chip
Display 72 G, 20-12 Toyota key embryo with G letter

2010-2011 Toyota transponder key with G chip
2010-2011 Toyota G chip transponder key

I.E: CN900 auto key programmer read Toyota G chip
2010 2011 toyota g chip transponder key-1
Toyota H chip

Display 8A, 13 later Toyota key embryo with H letter

>2013 Toyota transponder key with H chip

CN900 and Quickly key chip copy machine read Toyota H chip

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