CN900 key programmer: what work and not work

CN900 clone machine what work and not work:
1. can copy 4c and 4d67 to CN4c and CN4d chips…These are special chinese made chips and can be copied only to these chips… I guess itspecially made for TOYOTA (sounds wierd)…coz I had no trouble copying Toyota 4c and 4d67 chips till now.. We have made a lot of them with around 95% success rate.. I tried to copy Jeep 4d63, but didnt work… at same time suzuki 4c, didnt work again…
2. The only reason I ordered CN900 is because with one type of chip ( CN-1 ), can clone all 4C and 4D only except ID 46 and 48.
3. Chinese cn900 was the original, update online. I have the original CN900 so my supplier tells me; I just updated mine to the newest version via interweb. It was one of the most scary times in my life but I followed the instructions on the website and all is good. Worked perfectly.

CN900 clone machine + 4D decoder what work and not work

1. I have been using CN900 for more than 6 months and think it is a reasonable good tool for it’s price.
1). it reads and copies all 4C easy, 100% works.
2). Mine comes with 4D -decoder, it failed decoding most of the first time, but if you keep trying a couple of times, it will work eventually. the decoding time is about 2~3 minutes.
3). it does NOT copy 46, and will never do without adding external box- 46 Cloner Box, e.g extra money.
4). CN1 and CN2 can be re-used over and over again, big plus when doing 4C eeprom production.
5). its size is same as carbon chip, you can put them into remote key. For some jobs I’d rather copying than programming. Minor extra cost but safer and quicker, move on to next job quicker.
6). It allows you to edit 4C / ID13 EEPROM data on screen, it helps me doing a lot of hard jobs like Toyota 4C , Honda red key systems..
7). it reads Toyota Smart key data.
8). Touch screen and fast boot-up time in 10 seconds.

Compared with RW4, Keyline 884 …and JMA solution, CN900 costs a fraction of above products.
Please do NOT get me wrong, I own JMA-TRS5000 ( genuine) and still have 100+ of TPX2/3 in my van.

2.I ordered the 4d decode box. Plugged it in, my supplier kindly found the power lead for me so I don’t need two power packs. I only have one EMU type 4D 60 key from a Suzuki that I copied the other day to try but it worked perfectly. Whereas decode by PC wouldn’t so Im happy. CN900 now shows “Decoding via 4D decoder box” on the screen. So Suzuki ok, Mitsi ID60 decode ok, Ford Explorer ID63

3. I have used CN900 copied many 4C and 4D, all successful at the end , although sometimes decoding failed, and I have to cycle power. In term of 4D63, it has been all successful although some people the CN2 ( for 4D) is not sensitive enough for some Ford vehicles. Mazda is fine I believe.
even the CN1 is not sensitive or able to transmit a strong signal for Ford Transit, sometimes would not pick up signal. Instead 4C glass has a much stronger field

From my personal opinion it is a good for 4C and 4D copying but lack of pre-coding ID46 chips and EEPROM jobs. it is NOT a full range transponder programmer but give it’s price I regard it a supplement programmer for my Tango ( genuine) and CodeReader2 ( very good)

CN900 + 46 decoder box what works
46 decoder box can copy all ID46 chip:
BMW 46 chip
ACURA 46 chips
Honda CRV  FIT(NEW)  Accord(2008) Civic 46 chips
Mazda haima 46 chips
Mitsubishi 46 chips
Buick GMC CRUZE 46  chip
New Chery tiggo A3 46  chips
Nissan TIIDA TENNA LIVINA Sylphy  Nissan QASHQAI Q35 46 chip
Brilliance 46 chip
Peugeot/Citroen 307  206 -46 chips
Triumph  Senna 406 (2001year)
Picasso 46 chip
Suzuki swifts  SX4  46 chip
Land Rover FREELANDER 46 chip
Geely dedicated 46 chip

Compatible with: CN900/ND900/TRS-5000 key programmer

CN900 clone machine + CN1 / CN2 / PCF7935AS Chip

CN1: used to copy 4C and 4D chips, works together with CN900, can be used repeatedly

CN2: Used to copy 4D chips only, which can not be used repeatedly, but it can copy 60-61 -62-63-64-65-67-68-69-6A-6B chips.

Locksmith verified both CN1 and CN2 chips can change between 4c and 4d.

Use CN1 to copy TPX1 and CN2 copy TPX2

PCF7935AS Chip: new chips which can instead of PCF7930 chips. Compatible with Mercedes Benz key programmer, gambit key programmer. Common 7935 Chips can match with CN900,

YS30 Mother Key for Toyota Smart:

Plus, CN3 ID46 and CN64 are available at site.

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