How to open authorization for CN900 and G decoder

How to open authorization for CN900 and G decoder
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CN900 Auto key programmer recently released function for TOYOTA G chip, to read, write, copy, etc. Here, offers the instruction on how to use/ open authorization to CN900 key clone machine and G decoder cloner box.


  1. Download CN900 update tool—CN900 FIRMWARE UPDATE.
  1. Connect G box to the CN900 main unit; connect CN900 to the laptop.
  1. Open the update tool and select 72G box.

Automatically read G box serial number.

Check the serial number.

CN900 Toyota G chip copy box 300x246 300x246-1

  1. Click Register icon .CN900 TOYOTA G chip 1 300x262-2
  1. Registration success when the numbers are the same.

CN900 TOYOTA G chip 2-3

6. Click Search 72G-BoxCN900 TOYOTA G chip 3 300x267-4, to check if the upper numbers are the same as the lower.

7. G-BOX clone has been bound to the CN900 key programmer, if the numbers are the same.

  1. Then you can read and write TOYOTA G chip by CN900 clone machine.

Software free download:

CN900 Update Tool
CN900 USB Driver
CN900 Software

How to use CN900 and G Box for Toyota G chip

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