Handy baby key programmer copy Toyota G chip

JMD Handy baby 4D/46/48 car key copy machine has succeeded in tests of Toyota G chip copy. Here is the step-by-step guide by .


Watch how other key cloning machines fail to complete such a simple task.

Let’s try to duplicate it with decryptor, i.e Keylines 884 decryptor mini

Result: Not clonable

toyota g chip 1-1

Same key we will try to duplicate with JMA TRS 5000 EVO

keylines 884 toyota g chip fail-2

Cannot be duplicated!!!

copy g chip with jma trs 5000-3

Now let’s try it with JMD Handy baby key clone machine.

Note: In order to copy G transponder with Handy baby, you need to open G chip function authorization.

copy g chip with jma trs 5000 fail-4

handy baby copy g chip 1-5

handy baby copy g chip 2-6

handy baby copy g chip 3-7

Select Decode function

handy baby copy g chip 4-8

Decode success

handy baby copy g chip 5-9

Place JMD G transponder and press copy

handy baby copy g chip 6-10

Success. Go start the car!

handy baby copy g chip 7-11

Video Guide:

Main steps:

Part 1 Decode procedure

1 Recognize the key

2 Connect to the laptop

3 Open the Windows Client

4 Press “OK” button to decode (Client is exchanging data at the same time)

5 Decode completes! Unplug the cable

6 Put the chip into coil and Press “OK” button to copy


Part 2 Authorization procedure

1 Update the software to version 5.0.0 or latest updates

2 Obtain the authorization files

3 Open the Client’s online decode software to automatically or manually connect to the port

4 Open Handy Baby key programmer for version information

5 Download the authorization files on Windows Client

6 Handy-Baby key copy machine powers off automatically after authorization completes.

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