XTOOL X100 PRO2 “System File Error” Solution

Here offer the solution for XTOOL X100 Pro2 “System File Error!” after updating. This is the problem that has been asked by many customer recently.

			XTOOL X100 PRO2 “System File Error” Solution

Attach one customer’s feedback as below:

i have a tech problem with X100 pro2.

I updated the system, and when i tried to use the tool it showed “!!! System File Error!!!”.

I was talking with a mexican guy who had a similar problem, and he told me that i need the backup of the original folders that are found in the memory of the tool, so i think that would solve my problem.

obdii365.com engineer replied:

There is a problem with the files in the card, Please format the device and upgrade it again.

XTOOL X100 Pro2 update video:

Finally, the customer told us that he followed our advice to do and “It worked nicely. Thank you for your time!”

If you have the same problem above, please try to solve it with the method our technician provided.

Hope it helps!

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