Xtool KS-01 Emulator vs. VVDI Toyota 8A AKL Adapter
Question: Who can tell me what is the difference between this two tools xtool ks-01 emulator and vvdi toyota 8a adapter, I don’t understand the difference. Answer: 1).
All BMW Models with Corresponding CAS IMMO Type Listed
Question: Is there a page or does someone have a list where all bmw models with the corresponding ews/cas type are listed? Answer: Yes,  here obdii365.com provides 2000
Will VVDI Key Tool Max Clone Remote for BMW E60 420D CAS3?
Q: BMW E60 520D 2008 (CAS3) plate can some tell me if I can clone a full remote with Vvdi key tool max? What remote should i use?
VVDI2, IM608 and VVDI MB Which is Better for EU Cars
Vehicle coverage: Renault, VAG, ford, Mercedes, BMW, PSA, fiat are the vehicles that I have the most The key programmer I am interested in: Autel im608 vvdi2 full vvdi
Read VW Polo 2010 Dash 24C64 EEPROM by Xtool X100 Pad2
Xtool X100 Pad 2 is not only a key programmer but a eeprom reader if using the EEPROM adapter. Model: VW Polo 2010 Module: Dashboard EEPROM chip:24c64 Device
BMW Key Programmer AutoHEX II or AVDI or VVDI2 or Zed Full or AD100
This is for someone looking for a decent BMW key programming tool for CAS1/2/3/3+/4/4+, FEM, BDC, when there is a spare key or all keys are lost. BMW
VVDI2 and AVDI Which is Better for 4th & 5th immo and MQB System?
Here’s the research on that delivers following products (VAG best key tool): 1) VVDI2 2) Abrites Now, will talk about the two by immo systems: 4th immo 5th immo
How to use FVDI 2018 to Find Passat B6 7 byte CS code?
Here’s the guide to find the 7th byte component security (CS) code in the Passat B6 comfort module.  To perform this operation with FVDI 2018, you need to use
VVDI2 Toyota Avalon 93C56 “Unknown Version” Solution
Problem: Trying to read microchip 93c56 (Toyota Avalon 2002), after I read dump with vvdi prog and tried to open the eeprom file with Xhorse vvdi2 programmer, I
Top 3 Tools to Program BMW CAS4/CAS4+ Key by OBD
Here obdii365.com lists top 3 programmers that will do BMW CAS4/CAS4+ key learning by OBD.  Autohex II and other tools will have their update soon. BMW CAS4/CAS4+ OBD Programming with