CN900 key pro Update and read/write Toyota G chip

Good news!!! CN900 4C/4D/46/48 auto key programmer just welcomes a new upgrade that added Toyota G chip read & write function.

CN900 Update Tool Free Download
CN900 USB Driver Free Download
CN900 Software Free Download

(Close antivirus software or set your browser to download success)

Firmware version: 

System version: V4.3

CN900 key programmer new upgrade support Toyota G chip read & write

How to update CN900 key programmer online?

No. 1: First keep CN900 in power and connect with computer by USB wire.

No 2 :Go to download newest CN900Updater-V4.3

Or directly download free here:!Xh8UkLwC!dSBqHWmBkejuGUcH4feVczfhRpK6Ma2g3O5BbEofZBI

No 3 :Open the LOADER file and click CN900 Updater-4.3.

After then click “Connect

NO 4:click “Update

No.5: Then follow the system prompts marked in red circle below. Please click CN900 “Setup” menu and click “Update” button.

No .6: CN900 key programmer update in progress, please wait patiently.

NO.7: Press CN900 “Setup” button and press “About” button to check CN900 version.

No 8. After update successful then under Special menu will add “Generate Code” option.

Special menu before update:

Special menu updated:

No.9:Do not put any chip in CN900 testing hole then  click  “Generate code” will show you following information (Toyota H, G chip and more chips are added):

CN900 update successful!

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