How to Unlock the Key Pro M8 key programmer

How to Unlock the Key Pro M8 key programmer
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Hi, I bought a key pro m8 several months ago, it works perfectly. However, one of my friend borrowed it from our shop, and input the password wrongly for three times when he started the machine, we were regretfully to see the Machine got locked. But, Luckily, I received a nice . They asked for my machine serial number and password, then I got the unlock ID and unlock code (same as the following photo): how-to-unlock-the-key-pro-m8-key-programmer After I input the unlock code, the M8 got unlocked, and the PIN code remains the original one. I copied the documents in the CD to a computer; Powered up the M8, start it up, connect it to the computer via USB cable and install the device driver; Run M8 Tool.ex; Upgrade the key pro m8 unlock files into the M8, because the programs had been cleared after that locking. All is finished now. I’m so glad to have my M8 key programmer work again!


  1. how to unlock pro m8 ky give massege enter password ….. when enter pass in cart give me error .
    pass 714880
    serial number 150035
    pass on screen blue device 85342312

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