How to get key codes from EIS with CKM100 Key Master?

CKM100 Car Key Master with Unlimited Tokens is best quality key programmer for Mercedes Benz and BMW cars. CKM100 highlights: 1) 100% Original YANHUA product can be updated online. 2) Support key information reading, data calculating, and key programming for Benz and BMW. 3) Operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without disassemble. 4) Graphical workflow makes it easy to use. CKM100 support car models: BMW,Benz,VW,Audi,Seat,Hyundai,Kia and Porsche (see attachment) Benz before 2009 year BMW CAS4 models How to generate key codes from reading EIS with Yanhua CKM100? 1) Go to official website 2) GO to upgrade. (and change the language to Chinese) 3) Download “奔驰钥匙计算器” ( This “奔驰钥匙计算器” only has Chinese version. But it works very stable. Quality is reliable. For keys made by YANHUA company. It can be used repeatedly. cmk100-eis-data-calculate 4) Use this calculator to generate the the data Note: The account requires ONLY one user to login at the same time. If other users login into the account, you need to wait.
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