Original MasterKey III MK3 Key Programmer is available

Original PAM MasterKey III MK3 MK III Key Programmer original Russian is the machine use to unlock pcf79xx chip plus all other thing. Many locksmith complained cannot find  a source to buy it from. Now the MK3 it is available in obd635.com. PAM-MasterKey-III MK3 is a FIRST AND ONE device which can unlock OEM REMOTES Toyota & Lexus Smart keys, 40+80+128 Bit Mitsubishi Smart keys, Hyundai Kia Smart Keys, GM Group Normal and proximity, PSA & BMW CAS3 & CAS4 Renault and Chrysler Group, Porsche ,Audi, Volvo, Range Rover Sport Flip and Smart keys. Also it is a Key Maker from dump files! FREE The MasterKeyIII is a device and a software for programming and copying electronic keys for vehicles and not only. The main purpose of “MasterKeyIII” device is programming and copying electronic keys for vehicles. If immobilizer ECU is available, the device can also be used for repairing lost keys by the means of energy independent memory read. Also MasterKeyIII can generate prepared vehicles keys. MK3 is the only one tool in the world can renew used keys for follow brand: Chrysler BMW Kia& Hyundai Toyota Smart Keys Range Rover GM & Opel Flip Keys It is strongly recommended to study transponder’s datasheet before using “MasterKeyIII” device. MKIII – a device intended for programming of transponders belonging to the car immobilizers. Device software is running: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 bit) device works via USB and does not need an external power supply.   The main functions of the device: – Read / write transponders operating at frequencies of 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz. – Programming the ROM-memory ms PCF7941, PCF7945 (Load software keys based on PCF7941 / PCF7945). – Reading data transmitted control key (315/434/868 MHz – * requires optional module.). – Recovery according to the memory of the lost transponder immobilizer and adding new with built keymeykerov. – Display data memory immobilizers (list of keys, the number keys, immobilizer PIN, VIN number and the like). – Generation predpodgotovlennyh transponders to bind using the car diagnostic equipment.   NOW MASTERKEY III IS WORKING WITH LOTS OF TRANSPONDERS SUCH AS: Read-Only (Fixed-code) MEGAMOS™ (13) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935) PHILIPS™ (33) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935) TEMIC™ (11) (copy to T5) TEMIC™ (12) (copy to T5) » MAZDA™, MB™ Spriner TEXAS™ (4C) (Read-Only; copy to Silca™ EH1, EH2 / Keyline™ Emulators) » TOYOTA™, FORD™, etc. Read-Write MEGAMOS™ – CRYPTO – (48, 48M) PHILIPS™ – CRYPTO – (40) » OPEL™ PHILIPS™ – CRYPTO – (42) » VAG™, FORD™ Galaxy PHILIPS™ – CRYPTO – (44) » VW™ PHILIPS™ – CRYPTO – (45) » PEUGEOT™ PHILIPS™ – CRYPTO2 – (46) T5 (for coping 11,12,13,33) TEXAS™ – CRYPTO DST (4D) (ID 60,61,62,63,xx) TEXAS™ – CRYPTO DST+ (4E) (ID 64) PAM MasterKey III-1 MasterKeyIII can not be sold to USA and Canada and this listing price is for the main unit of MasterKey III only. It’s standard version not including any payable makers, payable functions, and payable Remanufacture Key Fob Firmwares. For different makers you can saw the price below. hqdefault-2  
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