OBDSTAR F100 program Mazda CX5 all key lost

OBDSTAR F100 program Mazda CX5 all key lost
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OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer has successfully programmed smart key for Mazda CX5 by obdstar technician.     Devices: two keys, OBDSTAR F100 key programmer obdstar-F100-key-programming-1 obdstar F100 key programming 1-1 Vehicle model: Mazda CX5   Steps: (Notice: there are two selections ENT and ESC at the bottom of the OBDSTAR F-100. Press ENT means to continue,and press ESC means to return.) Connect F100 to the car. The programmer tool starts, and press ENT Select Mazda CX5 obdstar f100-2 With start Connecting Switch ignition on Follow the tip that all the smart key out of the car 1 meters away. Communication Press and hold the vehicle start button for 10 seconds, Start button indicator obdstar F100 key programming 3-3 obdstar F100 key programming 5-4 Select all smart keys lost Instruction: All smart keys will be erased, MIN keys are required obdstar F100 key programming 4-5 Switch ignition on Communication Current number of smart key:2 Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return Configuring the system, please wait… Reading vehicle information… Configuring the system, please wait… Current number of smart key: 0 Erase complete Configuring the system, please wait… Switch ignition off Press press button and follow the steps Use a new smart key to contact start button, press ENTER to continue obdstar F100 key programming 6-6 Configuring the system, please wait Current number of the system smart keys: 1 Program success, whether to program next one? Press ENTER to continue ,press ESC to return. obdstar F100 key programming 7-7 Switch ignition off and configuring the system, please wait… Press start button and follow the same steps like the first key Then current number of smart keys: 2 You have to complete the following procedures, engine can be started: Switch ignition off Put on the brakes, the key 1 press start button to start the engine for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition switch If you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete. Finally, test the new keys to test if they can work. obdstar F100 key programming 8-8 obdstar F100 key programmin 9-9 obdstar F100 key programming 10-10    

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