Precode PCF7947 for Laguna 2 button key card with Zed Bull

Here is little guide on pre-coding new PCF7947 for Renault Laguna two button key card with cloned Zed Bull transponder key programmer.



After replacing the transponder PCF7947 need to be precoding remote control to work properly. You can do this with expensive equipment – TP2, Tango, or the original ZedBull.
But here’s a way how to do it with Zed Bull V508 cloned.

1. PCF7947 new mount in the card. Then go to HITAG2 buton in ZedBull software.
2. In the menu select PCF7946 and press the button: “READ ALL PAGES”
3. In section “TRANSPONDER ” in the third page, change the bytes as shown in the picture.
4. The same way you do in the “REMONTE” section.
5. Press the buttons: W3, W4, W5, W6, W7
6. The card is ready to be programmed in the car.

Description is designed for two button key card Laguna 2 2001-2005.

Gives only solution tested by jaca4591 from DK.


Additional information:
Here are the hitag2 pages from a genuine new renault megane 3 button card note page 7 is 00000000 i programmed this to the car all ok,i think page 7 changes with every press of the buttons for the rolling code.

Clio3 3 button key.

one button remote control for a clio II

Here are pages for a Renault 1 Button genuine key

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