Program Mitsubishi Space Star 2014 Remote with Lonsdor or Xtool X100

Today I tried to program a remote key on a  Mitsubishi Space Star year 2014 using Lonsdor K518ISE and Xtool X100 Pad2 key programmer. See what’s worked and failed.

Using the Keydiy universal remote key


Try with Lonsdor K518

Make a connection

Select Immo function->Mitsubishi->Select from type->Remote

There are only 4 type to choose from, try them one by one

Try Type1->Program Remote, K518 prompts to erase all remotes

Then fail to communicate

Try Type 2 to Type 4, all failed

Then we try the Xtool X100 Pad2

Select Immobilizer function->Mitsubishi->Remote

There are 6 types we can choose from

Select Type 6->Program remote

This function will erase all remotes

Press each remote LOCK or UNLOCK button 3 times

1st remote program ok

2nd remote programming success

Test the remote control. Working!!



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