Benz IR EIS W211 Key Programming with Cheap NEC Programmer China

Success! Programming Mercedes Benz IR EIS W211 key with nec programmer china clone.



NEC programmer China clone (in webpage it is called Smart Key Programmer for Benz), very cheap US$129

Auto Lock Inspection Loop

Smart Key 3 Button 433MHZ for Benz (1997-2015) with 2 Batteries



The cheap NEC programmer works with small key (old and new)  Benz all years models W220 -W211 – W230 – W203 -W215 – W210 – W209 from 1997 up to 2005 – without keyless system.   You can program new key (or used) in car and program old key if its not work more. You need read and program eeprom of CPU with other programmer, i.e vvdi prog, xprog etc from Steering blocking module.

Disassemble the NEC CPU from the smart key

Remove nec cpu and solder to nec adapter of the key programmer

Open nec programmer software

Upload BIN file read by other programmer

Press Programming

Programming key in process

Program success

Solder the nec cpu chip back to smart key

Test the smart key using an auto lock inspection loop, if the green indicator turns on means the key works properly .



How to Program Mercedes IR EIS W211 Key with Cheap NEC Programmer clone

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