How to use FVDI to Program VW Touareg PCF7945 Dealer Key

How to use FVDI to Program VW Touareg PCF7945 Dealer Key
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Here’s the guide on how to add touareg dealer key using fvdi abrites commander clone.


Connect FVDI with vehicle

Open software

Select Special Function->Key Learning->Standard Mode

FVDI detects car type

You can search login code from ECU of the vehicle by OBDII or from dump of the KESSY using Dump Tool from the special functions.

Other way is to extract security code by OBDII when read EEPROM of engine control unit-use  special functions “Engine Control Unit” main panel.

For this vehicle “Procedure 7” or “Procedure 8” is used depending of the production year.

Select Program dealer key

Select Autodetect from ECU

FVDI 2018 reads all 7 bytes of the component security bytes

Press Program

Put key/transponder in programmer and press OK

FVDI identified transponder type: PCF7945

Programming done.
Autodetected login code is “5245”

Enter new key number to be programmed
Press Learn button
Ignition OFF for 5 sec and ON again before continue

Switch OFF ignition and remove key then insert again the key and switch on the ignition

Turn OFF the ignition and insert every key which should be learned and give him on  position CRANK until steering lock become locked.

FVDI program Touareg dealer key success



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