Program Toyota Camry 2013 Smart Key All Keys Lost via Tango Emulator

Here’s Toyota Lexus SMART KEY All Keys Lost programming guide with Tango emulators.

Toyota Camry 2013 Smart key 128 bit all keys lost:
Connect Toyota techstream OBD cable with car via vehicle’s diagnostic connector

Open Tango key programmer software on desktop

Click on TangoPlus->Toyota

Click on Settings
Check Pass thru Devices has been selected as MVCI

Click on Connect to car

Click on Read data from car

eeprom reading

Click on Save file to save data

Keys 88 has been detected
Use SLK-03 transponder

Insret Scorpio-LK SLK-03 emulator into Tango
click on Write Emulator on tango software

Tick SLK-03 and press OK

Remove SK03 tranposnker and attach it to car Start button

The dashboard indicators flash
Tango Emulator programmed successfully.

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